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Surviving the Holidays? I had big holiday plans for me and my youngest daughter, but as they say, plans change. Sometimes those changes are welcomed while at others they are not. The changes to my holiday plans set me back emotioanlly, because those changes reminded me of the most difficult year (2016) I've lived thus far. That was the year my wife and partner for 22 years was called by God from earth to glory. Yea, that's a year I often care not to be reminded of, but there are some things in life we must face whether we like it or not. For those of you that's also being reminded of, or having to face and reconcile past losses in your heart, mind, and spirit, please know and remember three (3) very importants facts of life:

Fact #1 You are not alone!

Fact #2 Don't get mad at God and blame Him for your grief/loss.

Fact #3 Even when you're reminded of tragedy, there's still opportunity for triumph.

For me and my daughter, we are going to still enjoy the holidays despite our setback. I'm brave enough and have faith enough to believe that setbacks are opportunities for comebacks, and tragedy opens the door to triumphant living.

If you need counsel/someone to talk to during this holiday season, please don't hesitate to reach out to a pastor that like you, have experienced grief/loss and is still standing strong. By God's direction I am committed to meeting you in and at your time and place of need.

Pastor Elton L. Young, MA